How do I manage the engine?

There is one button on the board : push the button and engine starts. Push it again ant it stops. When assistance is on, the embedded intelligence automatically stops the engine after take-off, when surfing. It also stops the engine if you fall. Very easy, just focus on your gesture !

How long can I surf with the propulsion?

Depending on the power mode (adjustable with the APP), you can have 50 min to 75 min of motor autonomy (with standard battery). Enough for sessions from 2 to 3 hours of surf !

What is the weight of the battery?

Battery weight is just 1.5 kg (standard battery).

Can I transport a Kahe Surf board by plane?

Definitively yes ! The 160 Wh battery (standard battery) is allowed in cabin (2 max per passenger) : you can go surfing everywhere you want on the planet :) ! Your Kahe board without battery can be checked in on the plane, like all surfboards.

How to guarantee respect for everyone on the spot?

Just apply the chart and everything will be great !
Read the KAHE Chart->