- Technology is best when it brings people together -

Friends & Surfers, First

Kahe Surf is a group of people who are passionate about innovation and sport, with the goal of making water sports accessible to everyone. We know the value and the benefits of these sports, but their limits can sometimes be closer than we think. What we want is the addition of innovation and water sports to push the limits and make a difficult activity accessible to everyone. The team has been working on this project for 6 years now. After thousands of hours of design work and improvements, the first prototype of our electric micro-propulsion was born. Kahe Surf then developed, with the idea of sharing surfing and all its sensations with as many people as possible.

With more than four decades of experience in the sports industry, our team is a group of friends who are passionate about skiing, surfing, rollerblading, climbing Gathered together for the project of a lifetime. Throughout our career, we have created quality products and rich experiences from passionate to casual athletes, as well as driven teams and subsidiaries that are ever more innovative and authentic. We look forward to sharing our products with you. Our goal with this product is to make surfing more accessible and enjoyable, for more sensations and simplicity, without degrading the gesture of this sport that makes it so unique.

A User-First Approach

Kahe Surf is above all a human adventure, built on a will to innovate. We realize that surfing is an extraordinary sport, but difficult to access, because the practice is physically and mentally challenging and the sea conditions are not always ideal.

We therefore wish to propose a solution to share the practice of surfing with as many people as possible. We founded ourselves with the respect of the sporting gesture and the safety of our products as our main requirement. We have at heart to remain loyal to the discipline and to surfers, beginners as well as purists.




With the wish to share board sports sensations with everybody, Christian brought his vision of the future of nautical sports.



Always looking for new engineering challenges, Nicolas designed the first intelligent electric assistances.



Always there to challenge the whole team about strategic decisions and priorities : Agnès keeps our energy focused on the important matters.