Friends & Surfers, First

At the origin of Kahe Surf is a team that wished to facilitate the practice of water sports (surfing, SUP.). After many months of design and improvement, the first prototype of our electric micro-propulsion was born. Kahe Surf then developed, with the idea to share surfing and all of its sensations with the greatest number of people.
With over three decades of experience in the sports industry, our team is first and foremost a group of friends who are passionate about board sports. We have in mind the idea of offering the best possible experience to users.
For more than thirty years, we have created quality products and rich experiences for passionate athletes in the name of brands as innovative as they are authentic. Surfers, designers, engineers, after five years of work, we are psyched to share our products with you. Our motivation is to make surfing more accessible and enjoyable, for more sensations and for longer periods of time, without distorting the sport's gesture.

A User-First Approach

Kahe Surf is above all a human adventure, built on a will to innovate. We find that surfing is an extraordinary sport, but sometimes difficult to access, because the practice is physically and mentally demanding and the sea conditions are not always ideal.

We therefore wish to propose a solution to share the practice of surfing with as many people as possible. We founded ourselves with the respect of the sporting gesture and the quality of our products as our main requirement. We have at heart to remain loyal to the discipline and to surfers, beginners as well as purists.
United by the same passion for sports, moved by the same conviction, we’ve designed an under-water micro-propulsion engine that we’ve integrated to our full range of surfboards to create the first brand of electric surfboards. We are convinced that the original sport’s gesture is sacred because it was optimized over centuries, but that technology can sublimate this gesture, by bringing more comfort, stamina, ease of use, or performance.

Kahe Surf was born from this vision and carries this ambition.

For the same reason, we have chosen to offer our electric surfboards on the same price brackets as the classic boards on the market. To reduce our costs, we offer innovative solutions in the production chain. Part of our activity is industrialized in order to make our products as affordable as possible, but value added tasks (such as shaping) are carried out by men and women who love their job. We pay them a fair price, so that they too can practice surfing.

- Technology is best when it brings people together -