We want to make surfing more accessible, whether it is through your practice or even when it comes to prices. We rethought the whole production chain. Part of the production is industrialized to lower costs. On the other hand, we also want to encourage local craftsmanship on specific tasks. We are a fully owned French company and work with passionate surfers.

Democratizing surfing

The world of surfing is inspiring and fascinating. Nevertheless, it's a demanding sport both physically and mentally. Surfers are dependent on the elements: ideal wave conditions are rare. Many surfers do not have the ocean around the corner. Equipment and materials have made crazy progress but they still fail to make surfing more accessible.

Users First

We've always had the final user in mind. By creating the first intelligent electric surfboard, we know that not everyone will see this with a good eye. However, we understand the needs of certain users. From beginner to intermediate, our M-Core assistance makes surfing more pleasant, and more accessible. Unlike any other motorized boards so far, Kahe boards do not change the way you surf on the wave. It does not change the original gesture of this sport, that we all love. We just made it easier!

Affordable pricing

To share the practice of surfing with everyone, we have an accessible pricing policy. Our electric surfboards are up to 8 times cheaper than that of the competition. You can buy custom-made surfboards directly from shapers or you can buy boards directly from brands across the world. We've worked our business model tirelessly so pretty much anyone who wants to buy a new surfboard can benefit from our innovative propulsion system.