Under water propulsion system

  • Bluetooth Intelligent Assistance
  • Brushless motor
  • IP68 Tested
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Numerical Propeller Design (CFD engineering)

Battery & Connector

  • Self-locking power connector
  • Maintenance Free
  • Independent batteries
  • 160 Wh lithium technology
  • LG Chem 18650 cells

Bluetooth Web Application

  • Pair your board
  • Manage your engine power
  • Check your battery level
  • Set your surfing preferences
Kahe Surf APP ⟶


The Motion Core assistance is smart: it can detect your take-off and automatically stops when you are surfing, but it keeps going if it detects that the waves is not powerful enough. If the wave is too mellow, the electric assistance will give you the extra boost needed to keep riding on the wave. You can surf waves in all conditions, including ones that are normally too soft to take-off on.


In the case of a fall or when you jump out of your board, the Motion Core assistance will automatically shut down within a few seconds. You can catch your board easily and go back to the peak.

Different set-up (adjustable with the APP)

- Take off : the assistance just gives you the push to catch the wave, but stops as soon as the wave pushes your board. Assistance remains active, however, if the wave thrust is insufficient (any small wave, or soft wave for example).

- Standard : the assistance accompanies you to the take off and until you have gained enough speed to ride the wave with confidence, then stops (except if the wave is too small or too soft, in this case it continues pushing).

- Full ride : assistance remains on most of the time even in medium waves. The engine only stops in strong waves that overwhelm the assist.

These are indications to guide you but as always it is the ocean that decides and the surfer who adapts ! Try out the different settings to get an idea and learn how to choose what suits you best depending on the waves of the moment. The assistance also turns off automatically when it detects that you are no longer on your board, a few seconds after the propeller is out of the water.


Data for reference only, depending on many factors (surfer's weight, board model, position on the board, currents, wind, swell...). Our data comes from tests carried out in flat water, with a 70 kg rider on a 8' board.


Motion Core is the first intelligent technological assistance conceived specifically for surfing.

There are many challenges with adding electric assistance inside a surfboard without distorting the actual gesture of surfing. The engine must be small yet powerful, noiseless and waterproof. Years of Research & development have allowed us to perfect an engine that can be fully integrated into each one of our boards and that can be completely forgotten while riding the board.

Battery alerts

On the water, assistance will alert you when the battery is almost empty. This will allow you to return to the beach with assistance before the battery is fully discharged.

Here are the different indications that your board will give you:
15% battery remaining
Your board will emit a series of 6 «beeps» every two minutes of engine use. Depending on your distance from the beach, we advise you to go home.

10% battery remaining
Engine power will be reduced by 40% to allow you to maintain range, and the series of 6 «beeps» will sound every engine minute. We strongly recommend that you go back to the beach to change the battery or to put the battery back on charge.

3% battery remaining
The engine will be cut without the possibility of restarting it. You will hear a long “biiiiip” (four seconds). You will have to go home without assistance, and put your battery back on charge as soon as possible, otherwise its performance will deteriorate sharply.