KAHE products are guaranteed for 2 years. Warranty is concerned with manufacturing defects in equipment. It is strictly limited to the replacement of parts recognised as defective or not in conformity after inspection by us.

The under-warranty product or parts must be returned by the buyer to his distributor of the brand, or in our workshops, at its own expense and risk, accompanied by a letter explaining the breakdown and of the purchase invoice. This manufacturer's warranty does not affect not the applicable consumer legal rights within the framework of the French legislation in force. This warranty does not cover boards intended for rental or for professional use.

The warranty does not cover breakdowns or related dysfunctions :
  • Improper use of the board to this for what it is intended to do (surfing)
  • Failure to comply with the operating instructions, and precautions for use, as described in this user manual
  • External elements or mistreatment inflicted to the equipment such as a fall, shock, accident, or vandalism.
  • Failure to provide maintenance or care that is not in accordance with the operations described in this manual.
  • Repair, intervention, or modification of the board or its assistance, carried out by persons or entities not approved by the brand.
  • Normal wear and tear of the various components of the board, especially: EVA pads, propeller, bearings, sacrificial anode (propeller head), reduction in battery performance with the time, wearing parts.

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