The Kahe Surf application allows you to connect to your Motion Core assistance in order to adjust it as you wish.


This is the menu that allows you to adjust the assistance of your product as you wish, and to access information related to the battery.


This is the menu that allows you to connect your Motion Core propulsion, rename it and more depending on your product.


You are guided through the use of the application with tips and useful information.

Kahe Surf App is available on iOS and Android

Example, different set-up for a Kahe Surfboard :

- Take off : the assistance just gives you the push to catch the wave, but stops as soon as the wave pushes your board. Assistance remains active, however, if the wave thrust is insufficient (any small wave, or soft wave for example).

- Standard : the assistance accompanies you to the take off and until you have gained enough speed to ride the wave with confidence.

- Full ride : assistance remains on most of the time even in medium waves. The engine only stops in strong waves that overwhelm the assist.

These are indications to guide you but as always it is the ocean that decides and the surfer who adapts ! Try out the different settings to get an idea and learn how to choose what suits you best depending on the waves of the moment. The assistance also turns off automatically when it detects that you are no longer on your board, a few seconds after the propeller is out of the water.