electrically assisted surfboard

much more waves

Electric propulsion

For Canoe, SUP, tender...


Free delivery in Europe
Designed and assembled in France
at Lacanau (Gironde) and Marnaz (Haute Savoie)

Multiply your water playgrounds

Seaside, rivers, lakes, towns... The electric propulsion gives much more kilometers to discover the world !

Multiply your nautical crafts

A 2 second plug and play electric motor for almost every inflatable canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddles, and more to come.

Diminue the effects of wind and current

The Kahe POD increases safety in case of weather change and offers better glide sensations.

Kahe POD Plug & Play Drive Unit
395 €



Products designed in our Lacanau office (Gironde, France), and assembled in Swisstools factory in Marnaz (Haute Savoie, France). For stand-up paddle, kayak, canoe, float tube, annexe... Free shipping in Europe.

Non disponible


Silent assistance integrated into the surfboard

Reach the lineup effortlessly

Keep your energy for surfing, move faster. Paddling has never been so easy : propulsion doubles your paddling power.

Achieve your take-off easily

The propulsion helps you taking the waves and keeps the board more stable, just focus on your gesture. For super fast progress !

Natural surf in the wave

On-board intelligence detects take-off and automatically stops the motor for a natural surfing experience !

Kahe 8'0 Electric Surf
845 €



Surfboard with electric assistance. Boards are in stock in our office in Lacanau. Offer includes rear pad, fins, and leash ! Free shipping in Europe.


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surfers who test love it

Guy | Experienced longboarder 

Amazing experience, I take a lot more waves and I stay on the wave a lot longer than usual.

Bing | Experienced longboarder

The boards are really well shaped and ride really well, you can’t even tell that you have the propeller inside.

Julia | Beginner

I never took so many waves and I progress so muuuuch faster ! I can only focus on my gesture, the assistance is my best friend.

Nicolas | Intermediate surfer

I can get to almost any spot, even the ones that are normally too far to paddle out to or only accessible by boat.

Damien | Experienced surfer

There are a lot of advantages for all surf levels, not just for beginners. You won't get tired so quickly, especially getting to the lineup and being well positioned to grab the next wave. No matter your level, there's always an advantage.

Richard | Waterman

I always look for the board that is best suited to the surf conditions. I was really surprised to see that for a lot of different conditions, I had more fun on these boards.

our technology

exclusive and worldwide patented

Two propulsions, fully integrated into our boards or plug & play, intelligent, available anytime and designed to fit all nautical sports needs.

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Our supports

Kahe Surf is part of La French Tech and EUROSIMA. Our innovation is supported by BPI France and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. We work closely with CATIE team for machine learning and embedded intelligence.

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