Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit
Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit

Kahe POD Plug & Play drive unit

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  • 4 euros delivery in metropolitan France (free pick-up at our Lacanau Headquarter)



  • The Kahe POD adapts to different inflatable boats: kayak, canoe, stand-up paddle, boat tender. Possible to use on rigid nautical crafts depending on the fin box. 
  • The electric propulsion connects in one gesture to the standard fin boxes (for inflatables nautical crafts), it is silent and eco-friendly. The remote control allows you to select the speed and indicate the battery level of the propulsion.
  • Silent and emission-free
  • Remote with 3 speeds and propulsion battery level indicator, fully waterproof
  • Up to 7 km/h (depends on nautical craft and user)
  • Up to 2 hours autonomy
  • Possible preset through mobile app  (not mandatory)
  • LG 21700 cells battery (like Tesla...)



The Kahe POD was designed by our team in France and it is assembled by us, in our offices in Lacanau in Gironde.
The propulsion transforms your classic boat into an electrically assisted boat !
Navigating with the Kahe POD makes it easier to go further. Propulsion cancels out the effects of wind and currents. It also balances the levels within a group of people with different physical conditions or boats.
The Kahe POD is very easy to use: it connects in one gesture instead of the classic fin, on a SUP, a canoe, a kayak or an inflatable boat or tender. The remote control is fixed to the wrist or to the paddle using a bracelet provided in the pack. It allows you to choose your speed and keep an eye on the available battery level.
The propulsion is silent and light (only 1.8 kg). Battery is removable in three seconds, and you can use a second battery if you need more range. Kahe POD is authorized on the plane (in the cabin for the battery, 2 per passenger).



The pack includes : 

- Kahe POD nautical drive unit IPX8 waterproofness (one meter deep 24 hours)

- The remote control with Kahe POD battery level, 3 different speeds, on/off button - IPX8 water resistance (one meter deep 24 hours)

- Accessories to fix the remote control on your paddle or on your wrist

- Kahe POD battery: 99.6 Wh

- Kahe POD Charger

- The USB cable to charge the remote control on any USB socket

- Interface for standard fin boxes (inflatable crafts)



The delivered Kahe PODs are not compatible with US Box type fin mounts. A compatible interface interface is under development and will arrive in 2023. However, it is quite possible to stick a compatible fin support on your inflatable boat (in the center) while leaving the fin at the back in its US fin box. This operation is simple for inflatable boats (gluing with PVC glue).

Example of fin supports to be glued, compatible with the Kahe POD:


- Itiwit support available at Decathlon (Decathlon even offers to glue this support on your boat in their workshops). This support is perfectly compatible with the Kahe POD.

- Or a standard support available from a large number of resellers, for example a fin support to stick on amazon  
  We can glue the fin support to your boat in our workshop in Lacanau.


Weight : 1.8 kg with battery

Dimensions (cm) : 50  X 8  X 10 cm

Composition :

Main part :  PP with 20% fiberglass for strength and stiffness

Ogive : ABS with overmolded TPR

Assembled in France

The Kahe POD was imagined and designed in France by our design and engineering team. It is assembled in our offices in Lacanau (Gironde, France).



Lithium-ion technology, LG chem 21700 cells (idem Tesla). 

Authorized on the plane (battery in cabin)

For sessions up to 2 hours.

Full charge takes about 3 hours.


The Kahe POD is easy to maintain. Here are some recommendations to take care of it and not hurt yourself :
- avoid heat, do not leave Kahe POD and its battery in direct sunlight.
- disconnect the battery when Kahe POD is not in use.
- rinse the entire product with clear water (unsalted) after each session. Thoroughly dry the product before opening it.
- the Kahe POD electric assistance is equipped with an intelligence allowing to automatically cut off the propulsion in the event of a fall.
- do not put your hands or any object near the propeller.


Electric assistance and remote control : 2 years;  Battery : 1 year


Free pick-up at our office in Lacanau (France, Gironde).
Shipping costs in metropolitan France: €9.
Average delivery time: between 5 and 8 days.
Other destinations or quantities, please contact us at hello@kahesurf.com

Fin de TAB

Stand-Up Paddle compatibility

Kayak compatibility


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