Minimal 7'0" Central Engine

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Versatile and manoeuvrable, this board is intended for beginners, intermediates and confirmed who want a fun board in all types of waves from 50 cm to 1.50m. It allows easy starts, simple surfing with easy curves. A pad is integrated to maximize grip.

Type of wave : 50cm to 1.5m (soft waves to hollow), beginner to expert. 


Board size : 7’.0” or 213 cm

Volume : 53 L

Weight : 5.6kg  (board alone), additional 2.7 kg for both battery & propulsion

Dimensions (inches) : 7.0 x 22'7/16’’ x 3"

Dimensions (cm) : 216  X 57  X 7,8 cm

Composition :


Board : Core EPS 20kg/m3, fiber glass skin with laminated epoxy . 


Propulsion : Propeller : PA with 30% fiberglass, Tuyere : PP with 20% fiberglass, motor shaft : stainless steel, screws : stainless steel (AISI 316). Brushless electric motor with neodymium magnets. 

Battery : casing in ABS/PC, lithium-ion technology, LG chem 18650 cells. 


A perfect shape to progress and learn smoothly.

Fin Box Layout: Quad (4 Fin)

Fin Compatibility: FUTURES or FCS II depending on the board

Tail Style: Mini squash

Bottom Shape: Concave, double concave

Rail Type: Medium


Avoid heat, do not leave the board and battery in the sun. 

Transport board and battery in your board-bag. 

Do not put your hands close to the propeller.

Do not put any object in the propeller. 

Do not leave the battery connected all the time. Unplug the battery when the board is not in use. 

Rinse the connector with clean (un-salted) water. 

Rinse the whole board with clean (unsalted water) after each session. Rinse specifically the propeller and connector when it is still connected. 

Before unplugging the battery connector, please make sure that it is entirely dry (water must not penetrate inside the connector, especially salt water).


Board : 2 years; Engine : 2 years; Battery : 1 year

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