After years of R&D, we engineer each part of our Motion Core and Kahe POD assistances and master the whole fabrication process. To ensure the best quality for all of our smart electric assistances, we focus on every strategic component.

Partnering with the best

We produce the components of the intelligent assistance in tech and sport factories among the best in the world. We have selected partners who correspond to our quality charter and have recognized technological skills. We regularly check that each component fully complies with our specifications.

Ensuring the highest quality

We put all our heart into the manufacturing of our electric surfboards. We are committed to durability, we prefer to repair rather than throw away. To ensure that the product is suitable for users, we conduct regular and thorough field tests with users of all levels. The objective is to offer you quality and high-performance products that adapt to your level of practice. Our components may be dammaged over time but they are replaceable and repairable by our after-sales service. Please register your product after your purchase so that we can insure the highest quality of after sale service.


Board factory