Kahe wants to make surfing more accessible, but not at the expense of our environment. Because we love water and nature, Kahe is committed to reducing the ecological balance of our production as much as possible.To be able to surf tomorrow, we need to take care of our oceans today. We are aware of our ecological footprint. From the moment a product is created and marketed, it has a cost for the planet, though we try to lessen the impact as much as possible.
The micro-propulsion motor in our boards is electric and fully integrated. It does not cause water and air pollution or any noise pollution. It does not disturb the oceanic fauna and flora. The batteries used are rechargeable. We plan to offer a green circuit for taking back and reconditioning them in the near future.


Concerned about the recyclability of our batteries, we begin a partnership with a french start-up that provides an incredible high-tech solution for production of recycled and recyclable batteries. First prototype is made and under testing already. We plan to provide such batteries in the future, made in France, to customers.


Water safety is another pillar of our vision. Surfing can be a dangerous sport, especially if we do not respect the basic surfing safety rules. Though we wish to make surfing more accessible, we do not want it to be at the expense of other surfers around. For this reason, we fervently encourage all of our customers to sign our surf chart before getting into the water and using their boards for the first time, to allow you and every surfer around you to surf in complete safety. If you have not read our surf chart yet, please take a look !
A board with motorized assistance can be an invaluable asset when it comes to rescue a person at risk in the water. We all know that the ocean is unpredictable and that in the water, each second is precious. An electric board allows you to get anywhere in the water more rapidly. We are committed to water safety and the safety of all surfers. For this reason, we wish to address the issue of safety of surfers and swimmers, by developing in parallel a project for electrically-assisted rescue board to facilitate the work of rescuers.


Kahe Surf is above all a human adventure, built on a will to share the pleasures of surfing with everyone. Above all, surfing conveys beautiful human values: sharing, solidarity, and respect for the ocean and other surfers. Everyone knows that surfing is a daunting sport. We do not all have the same physical condition, some of us have existing physical impairment that keep us from getting to the wave or taking off properly. We wish to make surfing more accessible to people with reduced mobility, by collaborating with associations. The idea is to make people discover the pleasures of surfing thanks to our electric surfboards, which can be better suited to those with limited physical conditions.