How it works

Battery charging

It is advisable to fully charge the battery before any first use.
To recharge the battery, only use the charger delivered with your board or a charger dedicated to your equipment and sold by Kahe Surf. At any time, you can access your battery charge status through the application on your phone.

To recharge your battery
  • Connect the charger to a suitable AC outlet (the indicator should light up green)
  • Connect the connector to the battery and lock it (quarter turn to the right)
  • If the battery needs to be charged, the light will turn red. If it is already charged, the light will stay green.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the LED turns green: the connector can be disconnected.

The battery charge time is approximately 3 hours for the standard battery and 5 hours for the long-life battery (estimated time from 10% to 90% charge).


The battery compartment must be clean before installing the battery (no sand, no foreign object). The male and female connectors must be perfectly dry before they are connected: water must under no circumstances remain trapped inside.

  1. Insert the battery into its housing, with the movable part raised, pushing it towards the front of the board. Place it at the bottom of its housing.
  2. Plug in the connector, keyed up. The board then signals its poweron by an audible signal (beeps).
  3. Locks the connector in place by rotating the movable ring a quarter turn to the right, until it clicks into place.
  4. Fold down the mobile valve until it is locked («click»).

The board is then in «set up» mode and allows you to adjust the assistance thanks to the Kahe app.


Perfectly lock the connector (to ensure its tightness). Lock the mobile part so that the battery cannot come out of its housing.


This is it, now is the time to take the plunge! And start the MC-Core assistance for your KAHE Surf board ... To do this, simply switch your board to «surf» mode.

  1. When the battery is connected, a long press on the board’s switch (2 sec) switches from «set up» mode to «surf» mode: the electrical assistance is on. Only use when the board is in water!
  2. A short press on the switch then starts the electric assistance. Another short press stops the engine if it is running.
  3. You can go back to ‘set up’ mode and change your settings with a new long press.
Note: the engine will stop running after a few seconds if the assistance detects that the propeller is not submerged in water.


Remember to leave the «surf» mode when you take the board out of the water at the end of the session (long press on the switch): propulsion will no longer be able to start with a simple short press unexpectedly.