Widen the playing field !

Kahe POD is a Plug & Play solution for electric assistance. Can be plugged on almost any nautical craft, rigid or inflatable, transforming it into electric SUP, electric kayak, electric canoë, electric tender, and more to come...

Designed & assembled in France

Our Kahe POD is fully designed and engineered in our R&D office in France. We designed every non standard component. We make the final assembly of all the components in our office in Nouvelle Aquitaine, to ensure a perfect quality.

Remote control

Remote controller with 3 different speeds choice (and ajustable with the KAHE App), battery indicator for POD remaining capacity, auto cut-off when falling in the water... Can be fixed easily on any paddle, or on your wrist.

one POD to drive them all !

Stand-up Paddle

Canoë / Kayak



Fit them all !

With our different interfaces, you can plug the Kahe POD on almost any one or two persons nautical craft, to transform them into electrical nautical crafts.

- KAHE POD : A new revolution is coming-