Waterproof connector

Water must never get inside the connectors, in contact with the metal parts. Especially seawater would damage the metal parts irreparably.

Therefore the connector must be rinsed with fresh water, then dry well, before disconnecting the connector from the battery.


Your battery uses lithium-ion technology, which gives you an excellent range / weight ratio.
However, and this is normal, its performance drops slightly with the cycles of charge and discharge. We give you below the advice to prolong its performance to the maximum.
A fully discharged battery can be irreparably damaged. We have planned to shut down power assistance on your board when there is only 3% power left in your battery. But be aware that an unused battery still drains little by little, even if it is not plugged in.
A battery that has been deeply discharged must therefore be quickly recharged.

When not in use for several months, your battery should be stored with a charge level between 50% and 75%. This will extend its lifespan to the maximum. Because a stored battery fully charged sees its performance deteriorate more quickly.

The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place (but free from frost), away from direct sunlight and any source of heat.